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Any member of the Malankara Orthodox Church who is dedicated and committed to live according to the objectives of St. Gregorios Orthodax Society and is willing to participate in the activities is encouraged to become the member of SGOS.

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'Prayer is the inspiration of childhood,the refugee of youth and peace during old age.'

St. Gregorios Orthodox Society (SGOS) is deemed as a global organization of the believers in the Malankara Orthodox Church who seek solace and protection in the intercessory prayers of Saint Gregorios of Parumala , an ideal servant of our Lord.
SGOS was dedicated on 3rd Nov 1997, with an aim to bring together the members of our Church in India and abroad to stand united in the chain of Prayer, Share and Care and to create for them the opportunities to communicate with members from various parts of the world and also to lead a model Christian life on the pattern of Parumala Mar Gregorios and to inculcate in others awareness about the divine presence through our Lord.
SGOS encourages its members to lead a prayerful life with a sense of oneness and fraternity, to share the burden of one another with love and to take care of fellow men who are in need. Each one to become the well-wisher of others. Through the SGOS, the young generation is trained to put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and to live confidently with Christian wisdom in this fast changing world.
It also trains the up-coming generation to live confidently and courageously, through Christian wisdom in this fast changing, modern world.

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