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1. To link together the members of the Orthodox Church in India and abroad to stand united through the chain of PRAYER, SHARE & CARE, and to create opportunities for the interaction of members living in different parts of the world.
3. To do good to one's brethren whenever an occasion arise, SHARE one another's burden in true love, take CARE of fellow men and PRAY single-mindedly for the good of others even as for one's own and each one becomes the well wisher of others.
4. To train the up-coming generation to live confidently and courageously through Christian wisdom in the fast changing modern world.
7. To give priority to the manifold progress of the church, participate and support the pastoral activities of Bishops, Priests and Seminarians.
8. To organize the forum where the faith and tradition of the Holy Church can be taught & learnt.
9. To actively participate in the spiritual, social and humanitarian programmes of the Malankara Orthodox Church, of the present parish and of the home parish.
10. To initiate and encourage to implement the modern system of management in parish, in diocesan centers, church headquarters and also in the offices of other spiritual organizations.